Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Masochist Book Club

My friend Greg and I started an informal book club several years ago. Every January, Greg would choose a particularly painful book for us to read to start our new year with. His wife, Sara, eventually joined in the fun. We have read the Tale of Genji, Epitaph of a Small Winner, the new translation of Anna Karenina and the new translation of Don Quixote among other gems. This year, Sara has chosen the new translation of the Aeneid for us to read. Woo hoo! And to cap off our reading fun, we'll be reading the new Thomas Pynchon book in February which rings in at about 1000 pages. Feel free to join in the fun! I'll keep you posted on our progress.


Genevieve said...

wow, sounds like... fun?

Have you liked any of the books you thought you'd dread reading?

Malady said...

You know, I really liked TALE OF GENJI but the giant cast of characters was confusing for me. ANNA KARENINA was also good except for the very long part about rural politics. Yawn. And DON QUIXOTE was actually really funny.

Genevieve said...

did I ever tell you, when I lived in France, and I was craving English language reading materials, I would read a lot of the classics? you can get them CHEAP! and at that point, the longer the better, because that would hold me for longer. I read some stuff that I really liked (Dracula, the Moonstone) and one that I thought I was going to hate but really loved... Vanity Fair. That one I bought for $3 and it was around 800 pages... a bargain! I did not get to either Anna Karenina or Don Quixote but I'll keep them in mind for the future. Don Quixote I know is nice and long.

Sometimes it does not pay to be a fast reader.