Thursday, September 25, 2003

Hello. My name is Amy and I'm a liberal Christian. That feels like an Alcoholics Anonymous statement. But I think that is what liberal Christians are sometimes made to feel like. Sick. Aberrant. Confused. I really love going to the local Lifeway Christian Bookstore and picking up some new books. But recently, I've been faced with displays at the front door of books by George Bush Jr., Oliver North, Bill O'Reilly. Ugh. Where are all the liberals? Why does Al Franken have to be a Jew? I could really use a liberal Christian in my corner. I can't even enjoy an online bible study without hearing all these conservative comments. Why does being a Christian and being a liberal have to be mutually exclusive? Get ready because I'm really going to shock you now. I'm an anthropologist. I believe in evolution. I'm pro-choice. I think there is nothing wrong with being gay. I believe there is value in all religions and people shouldn't be persecuted for their beliefs. I believe that faith is more important than organized religion and that if people want to practice the Christian faith, they should be allowed to attend church. Even if they're gay. I don't believe that sex is dirty. I guess in my mind, I'm trying to follow Jesus' example although I don't always succeed. He didn't hang out with the wealthiest cleanest most perfect segments of society. He tried to look on everyone with love. I don't really hear many conservatives speaking with love. They seem to specialize in hate and anger. Especially where the Dixie Chicks are concerned. Is it really worth getting so upset about? Why the "holier than thou" attitude? And why is being a liberal so bad? (After all, I go to church, study my Bible and teach Sunday school)

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