Monday, September 15, 2003

I have an anecdote for you. The Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus are teaming up with libraries to promote Library Card Sign-up month. Whatever. I hate the circus because I don't like to see animals perform. I think it is demeaning and cruel. But the clowns are okay. I actually took a clowning class a long time ago and even developed my own makeup. But, back to the story... As part of the promotion, children can come in and show their library card and get a free clown nose. Well, we have several groups from neighboring nursing home/retirement communities coming in every week on their bus. Today, one elderly lady came up and asked for a clown nose. She said she wanted to wear it to dinner to give everyone a good laugh. I was so happy about that. How wonderful to have a sense of humor like that at 70+. I think her quality of life must be better than that of others. There is another elderly lady who comes in to the library who is in great physical condition, even drives at 80 +, and yet she whines and complains all the time. I hope I don't become an angry, unpleasant, bitter old lady. I hope that when I become a senior citizen, I will still have the whimsy and sense of humor to wear a clown nose to dinner.

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