Monday, December 22, 2003

Before I temporarily sign off for the holidays, I'd like to extend a few wishes for the New Year....

For my mom...that she have lots of fun remodeling her new place
For Greg J....that he get some peace in his family and finally write the next great American novel
For Sara...that she be recognized as a great manager
For Anna....that things continue to go well in her relationship
For Frank...that her baby dreams come true
For Brad...that school continues to fulfill him
For Vieve....that she meet the man of her dreams
For Dave and Lora...that they will learn how to use the phone :) (I miss you guys!)
For Maya...that her first year of marriage be wonderful
For Jen...that school goes well and married life continues to be great
For C.B....that she find a job that fulfills her
For Greg P...that his family problems get ironed out
For Brandon...that he comes out of his funk and finds a hot boyfriend
For Guillermo...that he find a great job and great boyfriend
For my extended family...that we get to see each other more often and in a meaningful way
For Brian C...that he recover from heartbreak and that he continue to have success in work
For Greg W...that his new relationship continue to grow

For everyone...a peaceful new year both inside and out

Merry Christmas! I love you guys.

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