Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Great gifts people have given me that cost little or no money:

mixed CD/tape (Brandon is the best)
handpicked flowers
a random card
cartoons from Ellen and the Disappointed Fairy she gave me for graduation
bath and beauty products handmade by Amy H.
hugs, kisses and general love and affection
time (i especially like it when someone spends time with me doing things that he might not want to do but knows that I really want to do...hint hint bill)
fixing things in my house or on my car
unsolicited compliments
handmade clothing, scarves, mittens or a quilt (if I ever get married, I want someone to make me a quilt like Dave and Lora got)
original artwork

My friend Chucky came into the library one time and told me to give him my car keys and not ask questions. I trust him completely so I did. Later, I went out and there was a framed poster and a card in my car. He just did it to cheer me up. For no other reason. And it totally made my day.

I think maybe it's true that the best things in life are free. Or almost free.

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