Monday, December 15, 2003

So, we caught the bastard. But it seems a little anti-climactic. Maybe if we had caught Saddam in a minor skirmish or battle where he was surrounded by henchman coming out with guns blazing. Don't get me wrong. I didn't want any casualties. But seeing Saddam on t.v......he just looked pathetic. What glory is there in capturing a pathetic sickly beaten-down old man? I believe 100% that he should be tried in his own country for crimes against humanity. I think one of the absolute worst crimes in the world is to betray or harm your own country. But I don't even feel a huge amount of anger towards Saddam anymore. Just disgust, really. I'm sure he gave up without a fight because he's just tired and sick of running. Not a particularly glorious end to Bush's war. But everyone seems happy and at least Saddam won't be a threat anymore. If he ever was one. Now if Bush could just find Osama. The one who ACTUALLY perpetrated a crime against the U.S.

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