Saturday, December 27, 2003

Did Santa bring you everything you asked for? I hope so. I got a lot of really nice gifts this year. I'm a lucky girl.

I spent a lot of the holidays seeing movies. "Something's Gotta Give." "LOTR: Return of the King." "Cold Mountain." "Big Fish." I was especially excited to see "Big Fish" because I'm such a huge Tim Burton fan. I think our world views are very similar. The only person I know of outside of Tim Burton who has that much whimsy is my friend Frank. I wish the world really were that beautiful and magical. I have to say that even though it was very realistic and often moving, "Cold Mountain" left me....cold. I'm sorry but I just didn't believe in the relationship between Jude Law's character and Nicole Kidman's. "Return of the King" was great but very long. And the ending was kind of a letdown. Sort of like the day after Christmas. All this buildup and then everything sort of fizzles out. "Something's Gotta Give" was better than expected but too long. I love Diane Keaton. I hope I look that good at that age.

So many more movies to see. I need to get back to reading, though. My friend Greg and I will soon be starting our New Year's book for 2004: THE TALE OF GENJI. It should be delicious pain.

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