Monday, July 12, 2004

A few days ago, I checked out Molly Ivins' new book WHO LET THE DOGS IN? from the library. After reading one chapter, I decided I'd have to own it. I adore Molly Ivins. She is a smart as a whip woman whose books are full of Texas colloquialisms. And her first chapter in the new book is a great call to action for all Americans. (NOT JUST LIBERALS) We, as individuals, need to take back our country from corrupt and self-interested politicians. And we all have the ability to do that. So, all of you, go to the library and read the introduction of this book. I think it will inspire you to get involved. My favorite quote:

"Everybody knows God is nonpartisan, but I swear Jesus was a liberal--the best, the biggest, the original bleeding heart--the one who embraced the outcasts, the model for us all. Just read the stuff in the New Testament written in red. Don't ever try to convince me that Christianity is right-wing."

Amen, sister.

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