Tuesday, July 06, 2004

So, I first want to congratulate Sen. Kerry on his choice of a running mate. He definitely needs a little charisma in his campaign to get it moving. If Kerry would just take a visible stand on an issue for a change, people would respect him a lot more. But he is coming off as wishy-washy. Not good for a presidential candidate. But, now that Edwards is on board, I have officially joined the campaign. If you go to my personal website, there is a link to my very own John Kerry volunteer page.

Now, on to gluttony. We, as a country, are a nation of consumers. And we typically consume more than our share. I see this at the library every day. Instead of getting one or two videos or DVDs to last you a few days, I see people regularly checking out 20 videos and 7 DVDs at one time. Because they can. And because they sit their fat behinds on the couch for twelve hours a day. And with our Summer Reading Program, it's all about "What do i get?" I've actually had parents calling the library to find out what the prizes are FIRST before they bother signing their kids up. And it doesn't stop here.

At the Fourth of July parade I saw this weekend, people were actually crawling around on the dirty ground and fighting over the candy, beads and other crap that was being thrown from the floats. Because it's free! And we are a nation of overeaters. In Japan, people eat what we would consider a child's portion for dinner. And we're all about the SUPERSIZE portions here. It really kind of makes me sick to my stomach sometimes.

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