Monday, July 26, 2004

Well, yet again, I have been remiss in keeping up with my blogspot. But not much has been happening.  I am still highly distracted by Gary but also crazy happy where he is concerned. Even downright twitterpated.If all goes well, he will be with me again this weekend.

So, I tried to hit the campaign trail on Friday.  Kerry was here and I got a ticket to go to the rally.  He was to be at the Fitzsimmons Base in Aurora. (which is a suburb just east of Denver) I drove out there and parked at Chambers and Colfax to be shuttled over  to the site. They told us the shuttles would come back at about 2:30pm to take us back. I was having a refridgerator delivered around 2pm so I figured I would just leave early and walk back to my car.  Well, because it was raining, they changed the location and didn't tell us until we were driving off on the shuttle. They had moved the location to the Fillmore Auditorium which is almost downtown on Colfax. (ie. the other side of town)  Well, no way could I walk that. They were supposed to let us in at 10am but I was still waiting in line at 11:30am. I decided I would have to give up because I needed to figure out how to get back to my car.

Now, I can get all over Paris on the Metro and London on the Underground but figuring out the Denver bus system is beyond me.  Picture this bewildered white girl in a Kerry/Edwards t-shirt wandering up and down Colfax avenues with the hookers asking passersby if they can tell her which bus goes to Aurora and how much it costs. Pretty pathetic, huh?  And the Denver bus drivers....not nice.  I had two dollars in my pocket and no cell phone so this created quite an adventure.  After about half an hour of walking down Colfax, I figured out which bus to take and with great relief handed over my $1.25.   I thought this would give me the chance to see Denver in a different way. I watched these two women with a four-year-old boy and little baby.  One woman said to the 4-yr-old, "I love you" and he responded, "Kiss my ass."  Maybe this wasn't quite the bus adventure I was hoping for.   I ended up getting off at the wrong stop and having to walk about 20 minutes to my car (which wasn't bad considering where I had come from).  I made it home 15 minutes ahead of the delivery people. 

So, all that effort and I didn't get to see Kerry. But I tried.  I have my Kerry House Party this Friday night so I hope that will go better.  We'll see.


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