Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 Cometh...

Well, it's almost the new year. I can hardly believe it. 2006 was quite an eventful year for me. I quit my job of five years, sold my house, moved to California, got a new job....oh, and got married. I have now been married for six months. wow.

I was thinking back to other New Year's Eves today. New Year's Eve is typically a disaster for me. I have almost always had a bad New Year's Eve. December 31, 2003 was a particularly bad one. No one would commit to doing anything so I broke down and agreed to organize something at the last minute. We had a pretty large group and went to a restaurant for an all-inclusive dinner. Everyone hated it. And then we found out that the place didn't take credit cards and didn't have a cash machine. The whole thing was crowded and unorganized. Some of the group blamed me for the snafu. My boyfriend at the time was a particular jerk. I thought at one point that he had left me there. My close friend was particularly pissed off about the whole thing. Later that night, she attempted suicide. It was awful.

Four months later, I dumped my boyfriend. One of my friends who had been struggling with infertility told me that she would pray for me to find the right person. A month later, I did. I prayed for her, too. And that friend....she now has an almost two-year-old child. I think about that New Year's Eve of 2003 and I am amazed at how much has changed. I am now married to a wonderful man and living and working in a new place. Four of my friends have had children. I've let go of some friendships and made some new ones. Lots of changes.

This year, I would like to:

1) Strengthen family relationships and friendships ....I'm going to try and be better about keeping in touch with people.

2) Lose weight and get healthy....I'd like to start running.

3) Improve my knitting skills.

4) Start thinking about having kids.

5) Love my husband even more.

I can't wait to see what 2007 brings.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Genevieve said...

you did have an eventful 2006!