Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let it Snow!

I have been talking to my friends in Denver and they have been telling me all about the blizzard. I'm so jealous. I always loved a good Denver snowstorm. Usually, the library would never close, so I'd be stuck at work but people would still trudge over to the library for DVDs. If it was a really good snowstorm, I loved getting stuck at home. One big snowstorm, I organized my basement. There is a good feeling about not being able to go anywhere to get anything done. It is almost as if you have been given permission to relax a little bit. Or catch up on things. We don't get anything here but rain.

I really miss the snow.

In other news, I was excited to hear about HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS. Gary and I are currently working our way through "Chamber of Secrets." I have read them all but Gary hasn't, so some nights when we don't want to watch t.v., I read it out loud to him. It's a nice cozy thing to do. ;)


Genevieve said...

My blogs are migrating! My blogs are migrating!

They got A LOT of snow in Denver!!! Yikes.

Malady said...

Whoopee! Mine appeared to make the change safely.

Ellen said...

I think that she's going to kill off Harry.

Genevieve said...

Ellen I think you may be correct.

Malady said...

Rowling has been hinting at Harry's death for awhile. Although, it could be a red herring. Guess we'll have to wait and see!!!