Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Night

So, we had a fun time at the restaurant event last night. There was quite a crowd. We got to drink some good wine and have some great food. We even met a few nice people. I don't tend to do well in crowds. I was getting ready to throw in the towel but we found a place to sit down out of the throng and then it got better. Tony Shalhoub, the actor, even showed up. We didn't get to talk to him but it's always fun to see a movie/tv star in person.

It's funny. I love going to charity events, martini lounges, events involving goodie bags (wink!), home tours, etc. But usually, when I get there, I get fed up with the crowd and want to leave right away. It reminds me of my time in a sorority. I would got to mixers and parties for about 15 minutes and then I would leave. Gary, on the other hand, never wants to go to these things but when he gets there, he has a good time. And he usually convinces me to stay. Maybe we are a good complement to each other.

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Genevieve said...

I was in sorority mode last night, too. Ugh. At a Junior League meeting and I got yelled at by my chair over NOTHING. I mean, really nothing. And I just felt like I was back in a sorority. (albeit not ours, since part of why I was feeling this vibe was the whole Junior League house thing, and ZX didn't have a house.)