Monday, March 19, 2007

Malady Evolving

I think I may be moving into a new life stage. And I'll tell you why.

I am starting to find magazines like "Good Housekeeping" more compelling than "Elle" and "Vogue." I used to look at "Good Housekeeping" and think of it as a magazine for women "of a certain age." Now, I find myself grabbing an issue at the checkout at the grocery store. It all started when I saw the issue with Kate Winslet on the cover. I think she's wonderful so I thought I'd grab a copy. As I flipped through it, I found all these great tips on organizing your office and cleaning your bathroom and starting thinking about starting files for the different subjects. Whoa! Hang on. Where did all of this domesticity come from?

Instead of tearing out pages of magazine depicting the hottest handbag and the best ways to wear the new looks for Spring, I'm earmarking magazines that have articles about the best non-toxic and environmentally sound products for cleaning your bathtub. When did this happen? Is this a by-product of getting married? Am I nesting? Maybe I just need a good dose of "Sex and the City."

There is nothing wrong with being a domestic diva. I just never saw myself becoming that. But then, stranger things have happened. I never thought I'd get married and here I am. But I still have that fashionista club gal in me. I'm hitting a special Victoria's Secret event in the city on Friday night with a girlfriend or two. Who says you can't have a little "vogue" in your "good housekeeping?"

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