Friday, March 30, 2007

The Timid Mouse and the Big Mean Doctor

Well, I have an update on my corneal erosion eye problem. I saw the doctor this morning and he says my eye is improving but I will have to continue treatment for at least three more months. And I may have to get glasses again after only two years of laser eye correction. Sigh.

My husband accompanied me to the doctor this morning. My inner feminist quakes at telling you this but I needed him there because I feel a little intimidated by my doctor. And the funny thing is that I'm usually a strong person who isn't intimidated by anyone. My mother and grandmother were both strong, independent Texas women so some of it had to rub off. But, when it comes to male doctors, I have issues. I don't ask enough questions and I don't tend to stand up for myself. Maybe it's because I feel vulnerable. And maybe it's because I had to see so many doctors as a child. But I knew having my husband there would help me. Plus, it's good to have someone there to help you think of things to ask and to remember what the doctor said.

Maybe I'll just think of it as bringing my "wing man" rather than "Hey, Mr. Doctor Man! You better be nice or my husband's gonna beat you up!"


Literary Feline said...

I find myself intimidated by male doctors too. I sometimes put off going to the doctor for a long while because I just don't want to go through the experience.

Genevieve said...

maybe you should find another doctor? i dont think theres anything wrong with bringing your husband, of course, but i also think you should feel comfortable with all your doctors!

Purl said...

I prefer female doctors. Besides being more comfortable with them, I like to support them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your eye.

Malady said...

Lit Feline---Thanks for commiserating with me. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Vieve--I hear you. The problem is my HMO. Hard to find available doctors. Plus, this guy is supposed to be really good.

Purl--Thank you for your kind words! I'm getting better...slowly but surely!