Monday, May 17, 2004

So, here's my life as a house. I think my house might be a good metaphor for me. This will be more pertinent if you have actually seen my house. From the outside it is fairly plain and bland. Nothing particularly eye-catching. A white stucco multi-story townhouse with red Spanish tiles. But when you go inside, my home is full of unexpected color. I collect Mexican folk art and have filled my house with yellow, blue and red walls to complement my objects. There is also a great deal of space devoted to personal items. I have lots and lots of knicknacks and pictures of friends. And clutter, because I hate letting go of things.

My house is a lot like me. I don't think I'm much to look at on the outside but I have a very colorful inner life. My inner space is filled with memories, nostalgia and personal relationships. And thoughts and ideas on how to improve myself and my future. Things that I find nuturing. And my mind is also a bit filled with clutter. Because, again, I have trouble letting go of things. But, with a little spit and polish, it can be a pretty nice place to be.

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