Thursday, May 13, 2004

So, it's almost time for my new year's resolution. I've decided to make my resolution on my birthday instead of January 1. Inspired by my friend Genevieve's sensible idea of making positive changes in her life, this is what I want to accomplish in the coming year:

1. Lose weight, get fit: I need to feel better about myself so I will spend this next year trying to get in shape. I will use a triathlon next summer as my goal. You guys have to help me stay positive and motivated.

2. Control my temper: I've got to mellow out and remain calmer.

3. Control my jealousy and resentment: This will be a tough one but it has been better lately.

4. Try to say only positive/constructive things about people: I don't want to be filled with negativity.

So, those are my resolutions for the coming year.

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