Friday, April 27, 2007

BookSwap Package #2

I just got the greatest package from my no longer Secret Bookswap pal! (cat not included)

First, I got a copy of one of her favorite books, A SUITABLE BOY by Vikram Seth which I can't wait to read! Then, I got a handknitted cloth in the most wonderful pattern and colors, an Endangered Species chocolate bar with Peanut Butter, a Five Star chocolate bar with peanuts AND peanut butter, and a sweet rose-scented soap. And as a bonus book, she gave me L IS FOR LONE STAR which I'm sure will make me very homesick. And she EVEN gave me a Frida Kahlo card that has one of my favorite Frida paintings on it. In fact, I'm not sure my pal even knew that a painting has been done of me that mimics that exact Kahlo painting. I'll post it on my blog this weekend.

Thank you Purl!!!! I have made a new friend through this process!


Purl said...

I am thrilled that you like everything. Let me know how the chocolate--I haven't tried those, and I also love pb and chocolate.

Bookfool said...

Wow, fun package! I'd like it best if the cat was included. What a pretty fur friend you have. :)

Malady said...

Bookfool---Toulouse thanks you for the compliment. He wasn't really in the mood to pose but, in my brain, cats and books just go together!