Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Creative Outlets

Although I don't consider myself a particularly creative person, I feel that I really need creative outlets in my life. Knitting has been really good for me. My next knitting project is a pair of baby booties and a rabbit for my friend who is due in August. (think that will be enough time?!) I was also happy to discover that the Yarn Harlot will be visiting my town soon for a booksigning so I am looking forward to that.

In other projects, I am trying to make a few things for my friend Laura. She is adopting a 9-yr-old girl from Ethiopia and is frantically trying to get her room set up. I painted a wooden initial and did a floral collage on it to hang in the girl's room. I am also working on a ribbon topiary for her bathroom. (and one for my birthday party on Memorial Day weekend) I'll try to take photos of those when they are finished.

I have come across so many crafty blogs lately that have really inspired me. I find myself haunting Michael's. I am in the process of setting up a crafting space in the garage where I can really spread out. There are so many things I want to do! Collages and scrapbooking are at the top of the list but I have also figured out what I will be making everyone for Christmas. Can't reveal that yet but I'm excited about it.

I'm thinking I may need to start a new blog for my craft projects so I won't bore everyone with them here. We'll see.

*UPDATE* Okay, I went ahead and created that extra blog. See "Crafting by Candlelight" in the sidebar. Another work in progress!


Gary said...

I like hearing about the crafty stuff, so I'll follow you wherever you go with that. How about some photos of the new craft space you're setting up?

Bookfool said...

Very cool! I miss doing crafty stuff, but hope to get back to it some day.