Monday, May 07, 2007

Knitting Distractions

Hello Knitting Friends!

I have to admit that I have many projects laying around the house right now waiting to be finished. I got the bright idea that I would make a lacy-edged washcloth for all of my friends with April and May birthdays. And there are a lot! The washcloth is easy but it still takes me some time to finish them since I'm a slow knitter.

Current Unfinished Projects:

Falling Leaf Patterned Shrug
My second stupid sock
Small afghan for mom
Cabled scarf

Upcoming projects:
several Wendy Bernard sweaters
knitted baby toys
baby booties
a new pair of socks

Luckily, nothing really tempted me in the new issue of Interweave KNITS.

I better get busy!!!


Purl said...

And I was worried that you were giving up on knitting! You've done quite a lot for a new knitter. It was months before I understood how to purl, and I couldn't handle double points for a long time. It's amazing that I didn't quit.

Malady said...

Hi Purl! No, I haven't given up! I've just gotten distracted. Thanks for the encouragement!