Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Goodbye Party

My friend Donna is having her farewell party at work today. Her last day is Thursday. I can't believe it. She has become a good friend and now she is moving away. Boo hoo.

When I left my job of five years in January of 2006, I didn't even get a card much less a party. I was so hurt. I had spent years planning parties and birthdays for other people and no one recognized my last day at all. And I was even moving away to a different state! It was really terrible. I actually cried at work about it. So, I was determined that Donna would get a good send-off.

I gathered the troops to help me put together a scrapbook for Donna. I gave each person a page to decorate and we'll put it all together at the party. I love homemade gifts so I hope this one will be meaningful for Donna. I'm gonna miss her!!!

(by the way, only a few more days to sign up for the ParTea swap. See the link at right_

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