Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mini Me and Paw Paw

This is a picture of me at about age 2 "helping" my grandfather (PawPaw) who I adored beyond all reason. It is one of my favorites.

PawPaw would let me do things like stand in the back of his pickup truck as a baby and pull out Kleenex from the box one by one. Just because it was cute. He and I also shared a sweet tooth and would have treats together. I always knew I could find candy in his bedroom. He also made sure that I had any collectible coins that came along. And sometimes, I got to sit outside with him while he smoked his pipe. I guess my version of an ideal man was based on my grandfather. And now that my ideal man has finally come along, I really regret that he will never get to meet PawPaw.


Genevieve said...


Gary said...

That is a way cute picture! I don't know what it was about grandfathers, but they were definitely built for climbing.

It's funny how memories like those give life its continuity.

Bookfool said...

Look at you!!! So cute! I adored my grandfather, too, although I only had a few years of visiting him. He made me sugar sandwiches - sugar and butter on white bread, rolled up like a burrito. He pretended to slurp his jell-o. He took me to feed the ducks. I loved him like crazy and will always regret that we lost him so early.

Malady said...

Thanks Bookfool! And thanks for sharing about your grandfather. There is just something about grandparents, isn't there? We are so lucky to have them in our lives. However short that time may be.