Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adam the Kitten UPDATED!

I debated whether to blog about this but it is really bothering me so I thought I'd share it with you.

We have several feral cats on campus and I am on the e-mail list in case they need to be helped in some way. Well, we got a message from a local cat shelter that announced that they had received a kitten who had been burned through torture. This sweet little thing is hanging onto life by his little claws. They are currently offering a $3000 reward in order to capture the individual who did this horrible thing. So, I am sitting at my desk sobbing. I can't understand how someone could have so little empathy for a living thing that they could do something like that. I hope they find him and put him away for life. And I hope little Adam pulls through. They say he has a tremendous will to live or they would have put him down. In the book of Matthew in the Bible, it says that God is aware of every sparrow that falls. I'm sure He is with Adam as well.


I just got this e-mail from the charity taking care of Adam:

"Here is the Adam update for today: Last night he went home with the vet tech who said he purred and kneaded through the night, played with a toy, continues to eat like a champ and has started grooming his little paws. I went to visit him today at Animal Hospital of Cotati and he is doing SO much better. Everyone there thinks he has turned a corner, although the recovery will be a long one. He talks to you when you talk to him and although he still looks pretty rough, his eyes are bright and he is very responsive."

The bad news is that Adam was in a trap with several other kittens. A local person has been trapping strays in order to get them spayed/neutered. The trap was stolen by the abuser. The other kittens have not been located. I shudder to think about what happened to them. But I'm focusing on the fact that Adam is hanging in there!

I have already donated money towards Adam's care. They are also collecting money for a reward going towards the capture of the evil person(s) who did this thing. If you would like to donate, go here.


Purl said...

This breaks my heart. There was a sign in our neighborhood offering a reward for any information about a group of people that torture cats.

Malady said...

My husband had already heard about it but kept it from me because I get so upset about things like this.

Here is an article if you are up to it:

There isn't a whole deep enough for people that torture animals.

Malady said...

You can see how flustered I am! I meant to say "HOLE deep enough!"

Gary said...

I feel sick every time I hear one of these stories. I'm glad Adam is in good spirits and recovering. I had considered volunteering at a local no-kill shelter some months ago. I just got re-inspired.

Purl said...

Thanks for the good update! I would love to volunteer at a shelter, but it would be too hard for me. I'd want to take everyone. Chris and I have a "discussion" every couple of weeks when I explain that we need a kitten.

He put up with my very old cats who wouldn't use a litter box for 10 years. So I really can't complain.

Malady said...

I think it would be really hard to volunteer at a shelter for those very reasons! I would want to take them all home! Thanks for your concern. I don't know why this is upsetting me so much but it really is.