Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something Trivial

Gary and I recently watched "Music and Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. It was actually pretty charming. In the movie, Hugh Grant plays a washed up 80's music icon trying to make a comeback. Evidently, his character is based on the "other guy" in WHAM!

So, in the movie, they show a "video" of this 80's pop group and it is so perfect! Totally WHAM-esque. And unbelievably catchy. I can't get the d**n thing out of my head. So, if you want join me in a little laugh, here is the video:



Genevieve said...

I actually really like this movie and I've seen it three times! (it's on offer from the airline I take back & forth to Brussels) The song Sophie & Alex wrote also gets stuck in my head, as does Cora's Back to Bootytown or whatever...

Bookfool said...

I love this movie. The guys got it for me for Mother's Day. :)