Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I really enjoyed Coelho's last book, THE DEVIL AND MISS PRYM, so I was really looking forward to reading this new one. I was disappointed.

WITCH OF PORTOBELLO follows the story of a woman named Athena who claims to be in touch with the "Great Mother." She becomes the leader of a New Age movement and is known as the "witch of Portobello." The story is told from the various perspectives of the people in her life.

The book offers some interesting thoughts on goddess movements and getting in touch with one's spirituality but the story is fairly uninteresting. For such a short book, it really drags. I felt no empathy for any of the characters and found the many perspectives and characters distracting.

I am in the middle of my last book for the Spring Reading Thing, WHAT IS THE WHAT by Dave Eggers. I probably won't get finished but the book is great so far. I'll let you know!

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