Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spring Reading Thing Wrap-up

This post is a bit early but I know I will forget if I don't do it now.

Well, I did pretty well with my Spring Reading Thing. I am in the middle of the last book. It's a big one so I won't finish on time. But I still think I did pretty well. I got to read a wide variety of books for the SRT. My least favorite was HEART-SHAPED BOX by Joe Hill. I guess I just expected more. It was a silly book. But I will read his collection of short stories based on recommendations by other readers. My favorite turned out to be WHAT IS THE WHAT by Dave Eggers. Unfortunately, I'm still in the middle of it but I think it will still be my favorite. It is really well-written and riveting. I will post a review when I'm finished. I had read three of the authors before: Min, Hamilton and Coelho. The Min and Hamilton held up to expectations but I was disappointed with the Coelho. Not his best effort.

It is really fun to get involved in these readalongs because it exposes you to new books and gets you focused on your reading. Now, I have moved on to my Summer Reading Project---AGAINST THE DAY by Pynchon. That should take awhile.

Read my reviews for the SRT here.


Bookfool said...

I enjoyed Joe Hill's short stories (some of them) but decided to skip "Heart-Shaped Box" after reading about it. It just didn't sound like my thing. I've yet to read Dave Eggers - need to get to his first book, which is still on the good shelves, waiting. The introductory material alone was worth the price of the book, IMHO.

Malady said...

Hi Bookfool! I am going to read Hill's short stories based on your recommendation. I am waiting to get a copy through Paperback Book Swap. I highly highly recommend WHAT IS THE WHAT. I haven't read Eggers first book but it is also on my list!

Katrina said...

Hm..interesting about Heart-Shaped Box. That's one I've been curious about but haven't pursued. Thanks for being part of the Spring Reading Thing!

Bookfool said...

I hope you like 20th Century Ghosts; actually, I'm kind of nervous that you might not! Ack! I found that some of the stories blew me away and others were just . . . nyeh. But, those few that were fantastic made the book worth the time.

I'll put What is the What on my wish list. I'm not doing anything but swaps, the library sale corner, and the odd paperback that I *must* read right now (which is, you know, a lie, LOL). Maybe I'll get lucky. :)