Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Adam Update

The most recent news:

"Just saw him this afternoon and he is up and walking around. Is grooming himself and actually washing his little ears (which were burned). He responds to his name and his caretakers. Last night at 10:00pm he was walking around on Tina (his caretaker's) bed, sniffing and exploring. His little tail was amputated yesterday which was a source of pain and infection. He seems glad to be rid of it. The most important thing I'd like to convey to you is that he does NOT appear to be in pain. Many folks have that picture of him in the PD emblazoned in their minds and I want to assure you that now when you see him crying, he is expressing his desire for attention, not crying out in pain."

That is the good news. The bad news is that is appears that two 15-year-old girls were responsible for this horrible crime. I feel really angry right now. When Gary told me that the perpetrators had been identified, I got so mad and told him, "I better never find out their names." And boy, I meant it. It seems like the world would be a better place without people who have no empathy like that. To take pleasure in the suffering of another one of God's creatures!!!! I'm a little calmer now but still so angry. What would be justice in this case? I don't know. I guess I just hope that these girls feel some sort of regret.


Bookfool said...


I haven't been here in a few days, so I just read all of the Adam posts. I'm so glad to hear he's doing well and I understand your feelings. We had a kitten torture in Vicksburg, not long ago. I won't go into details, but they died a slow, painful death and when their owner found them (someone actually went onto her property to harm them) they were mewing in agony and all of them died, shortly after. I don't understand how anyone can do such a thing to tiny, helpless animals. Anyone who does such a thing is obviously dangerous to all of us. Hugs to little Adam and thanks for caring.

Malady said...

Hi Bookfool. Thank you for your thoughts. I don't know why this has gotten to me so much but it really has. It's nice to know there are like-minded people out there who care about those who can't speak for themselves.

Bookfool said...

It means you're a caring person. :)

I'm on a readers' listserv with a bunch of kitty lovers. It's nice hanging out with people who think books and cats go together and who really empathize about things like that. If you're interested, it's called ANeed2Read - look it up via yahoogroups - and I think it's got a closed membership, which just means you have to request to join but it's no big deal. It's a wonderful little group of ladies (and one guy, Bob, whom we all adore).