Tuesday, February 24, 2004

So, I think my job may be turning me into a world-class bitch. I get so tired of listening to people whine, bitch and moan. Why aren't my holds here? Why can't I have more DVDs and videos? Why can't you cancel my fines even though I've been totally irresponsible? It's like everyone single person thinks he or she deserves special treatment. For what exactly? My favorite is when people complain "well, my taxes pay for this library." Yeah, right. Like you get to choose where your taxes go. Plus, the amount of money that any individual gives to the library in taxes is about 5 cents. Not an impressive argument. It's like everyone is going around town with this sense of entitlement. Even when they are driving. And they are confusing rights with privileges. I'm just getting sick of people. It's hard for me to be civil anymore. I feel like I go through my work day just being grumpy and unpleasant. I always wondered why those old maid ladies at the DMV were always so bitchy. Now I know. It's the government job.

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