Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So, you know what I like about Ash Wednesday? The silent witnessing. I didn't get to go to church today because of my stupid work schedule but I always like Ash Wednesday services. I have never given up anything for Lent because I didn't grow up with that tradition but I do try to make that a time for more devotion. I try to do Bible reading every day during Lent which I am usually not very good at.

But back to Ash Wednesday....I have spent the day watching people come into the library and quite a few have the ashes on their foreheads. When I have worn the ashes, I have forgotten about them until I got home at night and saw myself in the mirror. These people are the same. They seem to forget about the silent witness on their foreheads. But it's kind of moving. In a time when religion seems to take a back burner to everything else, I like it that people take the time to go to church and then they don't rub off the ashes. They go through their days quietly proclaiming themselves as Christians. And it moves me. It says to me that I am not alone in believing.

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