Friday, February 27, 2004

So, I know you guys are probably afraid that Life by Candlelight is taking a religious turn but it has just been on my mind lately.

I keep comparing "Last Temptation" to "Passion of Christ." I remember when LT came out. People like my uncle were foaming at the mouth about it. I heard things like Jesus has vision of sex with Mary Magdalene on the cross. Even I was scandalized. I spent years being afraid of even getting near that film. I finally saw it in college and it was transformative. It wasn't blasphemous at all. It simply attempted to reveal the great sacrifice that Christ made. He wasn't just divine, he was also human. He felt fear and pain and longing. He suffered. But he made the choice to go to the cross anyway. That is what LT was about. The temptation of Christ was to get him off the cross and lead an ordinary life. But he didn't fall for it. Even though he may have wanted it. And that is amazing. What a sacrifice! And the portrayal of Judas was amazing. After all, Judas played an important role. What if he hadn't handed Jesus over. To me, the film strenghtened my faith. It didn't diminish it at all. And for those people who feel that LT would damage their faith, maybe they should examine some bigger faith issues in their life. Like their general lack of it.

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