Saturday, January 20, 2007

2006 Year in Books for LBC

Here is a list of books that I read in 2006 listed in the order that I read them. I try to average a book a week but sometimes I have a slow month:

1. Seven Lies --Lasdun
2. New Kind of Christian --McLaren
3. Potluck Club --Shepherd/Everson
4. The Truth (with Jokes) --Franken
5. Liars and Saints --Meloy
6. Taxonomy of Barnacles --Niederhoffer
7. Frangipani --Vaite
8. Family Daughter --Meloy
9. Fallen --Maine
10. Holy Skirts --Steinke
11. Inheritance of Loss --Desai
12. Marley and Me --Grogan
13. Year in the Merde -Clarke
14. Sea --Banville
15. Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell --Braun
16. Intuition --Goodman
17. Eat Pray Love --Gilbert
18. Rose of No Man's Land --Tea
19. Love and Other Impossible Pursuits --Waldman
20. Vanishing Acts --Picoult
21. Third Policeman --O'Brien
22. Abide with Me --Stout
23. Night Watch --Waters
24. Memoirs of a Muse --Vapnyar
25. Adverbs --Handler
26. Last Templar --Khoury
27. Arthur and George --Barnes
28. Alternatives to Sex --MacCauley
29. Desert Run--Webb
30. Lost and Found --Parkhurst
31. Booster --Solow
32. Potluck Club, Trouble's Brewing --Shepherd
33. Riding Rockets --Mullane
34. Dirty Job --Moore
35. Girls --Lansens
36. Elements of Style --Wasserstein
37. Can't Wait to Get to Heaven --Flagg
38. Secret Society Girl --Peterfreund
39. To Hell with All That --Flanagan
40. In the Company of the Courtesan --Dunant
41. Something New --Beesley
42. Everything is Illuminated --Foer
43. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close --Foer
44. Devil and Miss Prym --Coelho
45. Between, Georgia --Jackson
46. One Sunday Morning --Ephron
47. Dissident --Freudenberger
48. Mary --Newman
49. Outlander --Gabaldon
50. Thirteenth Tale --Setterfield
51. Dragonfly in Amber --Gabaldon
52. Christmas Carol --Dickens
53. Ruins --Smith
54. Playground --Saginor
55. Devil in the Junior League --Lee

When I look back, it's a pretty interesting mix. And I'm surprised that a couple of them, I can't remember. I would say the biggest surprise read of the year for me was RIDING ROCKETS by Mike Mullane. I don't read a lot of non-fiction and my husband's boss leant me that book. It is a memoir by a former astronaut. I read it because I knew he would ask me about it and I ended up really enjoying it. It was a great read. The biggest disappointment of the year for me was EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED. I did like it. But everyone had spoken so highly of it that I thought I would love it. I found it a little ...inscrutable. I think I like EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE much better. My favorite book of 2006 was THIRTEENTH TALE. It brought me back to the days when I was reading JANE EYRE for the first time. Definitely a book for bibliophiles.

I look forward to seeing what books 2007 will bring into my life.


Genevieve said...

funny, I read a ton, but I've only read four books on your list! (the two by Foer and the two by Gabaldon) I really loved Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I mean, really. I liked Everything is Illuminated but I think to be honest I liked the movie better. (you really need to SEE Sammy Davis Jr Jr)

Amy M. said...

I agree with you. I think seeing it in a movie version helped. But, as is the problem with movies, they have to cut out so much. But Sammy Davis Junior Junior was great!