Monday, January 08, 2007

Sock it to Me

Well, I took my first sock-knitting class yesterday. It was hard! Because of my "intense personality," I tend to cast on pretty tightly. This doesn't work well when you are knitting socks on double-pointed needles. So, my instructor had me cast on using two threads. For our first stitch, we had to knit two together. This means, I had to struggle to knit FOUR together. Little beads of perspiration broke out on my forehead. My tongue stuck out of my mouth as I struggled to get those buggers knitted and off the needle. The effort nearly brought tears to my eyes. The instructor told us the first row is the hardest. By the time I had knitted five rows, I was exhausted. My hands felt ginormous using those little needles. (size 3) I hope it gets easier because everyone is always telling me that socks are so fun to knit. We'll see about that.

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Genevieve said...

oh, I hope you like it! but I know what you mean about the tiny needles - I was working on socks yesterday using size 0 needles. Sometimes I am afraid I will snap them. But then when I go back to bigger needles they feel weird!