Wednesday, March 03, 2004

So, have you ever noticed that some people just seem to naturally exude success and confidence? I grew up around a lot of those people. They are typically born to wealth and privilege. They seemed destined to succeed even as children. Everything seems to come easily to them and they naturally fit in. They are wildly confident and at ease. When I went home to my reunion, I saw that those people with those qualities had indeed succeeded. I'm meeting more of those types of women in Junior League. I met one woman at a recent League event who I seemed to have a lot in common with but I know we will never really hit it off because she has those qualities of success. It turns out she went to UT and often hung out at Trinity with an underground fraternity called the Alpha Psis. I knew who she was talking about and realized she and I had had very different college experiences. She was partying and living it up. Experiencing popularity. While I was mostly hiding in my dorm room and doing nerdy things. I doubt we would be that different now. I think in some ways, people don't change. Not fundamentally. I will always feel like a geeky nerdy wallflower deep down. And I don't think that will ever change.

By the way, I saw Keb' Mo' in concert last night. I just love him. His music makes me feel so good and in some ways, it can be inspirational.

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