Wednesday, January 07, 2004

There have been quite a few insightful comments on my last blog and they brought to my attention some clarifications that I need to make.

I have nostalgia for CERTAIN ASPECTS of the past. Obviously, every generation has its own trials and tribulations and nothing is perfect. For example, the many trials that we faced during WWII. However, when comparing the current war on Iraq, I have to say I would rather have the sort of spirit that existed during WWII. Not the human losses. But the surge of patriotism and the sacrifices that people were willing to make for the war effort. We really came together as a country and truly supported our troops. No one has asked me to help out my country during this war on Iraq except to "keep shopping." How about conserving? Or donating? Or offering my time? It doesn't feel like we are one country united anymore. And people don't feel that there is much they can do for the war effort besides wear buttons and put bumper stickers on their cars.

Check out Bill Maher's book WHEN YOU RIDE ALONE, YOU RIDE WITH BIN LADEN for a more eloquent description of this national problem.

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