Friday, March 12, 2004

Have you ever heard the expression "When God closes a door, He opens a window"? I have felt lately that a friend of mine is trying to close the door on our friendship. At that the same, a friend that I thought was lost, Guillermo, just contacted me. Maybe he's my window. I don't want friendship to be hard. Maybe we should all keep it at a superficial level. Maybe it's easier to get along that way. The more complex things get, the harder they get. First it's just you and your friends, then you add boyfriends that may become husbands, then children, etc. The more the group extends the more the dynamic changes and it can be hard. Especially when some of you have very short fuses. Maybe it just gets too hard. But I never like closing any doors on people. I hate failing at friendship. What a rotten thing. In small towns in Texas, people seldom use the front door. Typically, friends and family enter through the garage. The front door of our friendship may be closed. But Anna....I'm leaving the door to the garage open for you.

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