Saturday, March 06, 2004

We are entering the second week of Lent. Most people give up something for Lent. I add something. I'm not always good with bible study and prayer so I try to take up a daily Lenten devotional every year. My mom gave me a book a few years ago that I love. FAITH ODYSSEY: A JOURNEY THROUGH LENT by Richard Burridge. The readings all draw on science fiction and fantasy and connect them to Christianity. It includes everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings to Star Trek to the Narnia books. And the readings are fantastic. Really thought-provoking. I like the idea that SciFi and Fantasy can have Christian connections. (Frank--You would love this book.)

I have been a Scifi/Fantasy fan for a long time. I don't read too many books. Mostly movies and the occasional comic book. But I love Fantasy because it claims to show how things once were. Like Lord of the Rings. Could there really have been a time when elves roamed the land? Probably not. But I love the imagination and magic behind it. And SciFi imagines our future. In cases like Star Trek, it imagines the very best our world can be. In some ways, I think it's harder to imagine things like that with science behind it that seems plausible. I think we all try to imagine what the future will hold. Maybe my nerd roots are showing but I think that stuff is cool.

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