Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm a "joiner." I like becoming a part of different groups and I often overextend myself. There is just so much I want to do and be a part of. I'm still really enjoying Junior League. I will be on the Facilitator committee next year which I think will offer me some valuable training. I will learn about running meetings, agenda planning, conflict resolution, strategic planning, etc. Things I hope will become useful skills to have in the long run. Since I am starting to think about a new job, I have been joining some organizations that may have networking possibilities. League of Women Voters, Wild Things Society (young professionals supporting the Denver Zoo), the Young Fund (young professionals supporting the Children's Hospital) and Young Democrats. I'm hoping to meet some new people and network. I need more friends. I rely too heavily on the ones I have. Which are terrific, by the way. But it would be nice to spread myself around a larger group. So, that only a few don't have to be in charge of dealing with me. Of course, my levels of involvement will vary with these different groups. I can't give 110% to all of them. But hopefully, it will pay off in the end and I'll be able to find a good non-profit job or something political.

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