Tuesday, March 16, 2004

So, here is something you may or may not know about me. I love festivals. And benefits. I enjoy attending the Greek Festival and Cherry Creek Arts Festival every year. I love sampling foods, looking at wares, riding rides, watching entertainment. Of course, the mother of all festivals for me is the Texas State Fair. I love that thing! You get to go see all the latest cars and innovations. And you can eat til you puke. One of the few times I eat cotton candy and caramel apples. This past year, my mom and I spent an entire day at the fair. We even sat and watched a sheepdog herding exhibition.

And I love benefits. I like the idea of having fun and it benefitting someone or something. In a few weeks, I will be attending a comedy night with heavy hors o'euvres and a cash bar. Sound like fun, huh? And it benefits Rape Assistance and Awareness.

If it's a festival that benefits something, well...fabulous! Even if it's the Asian Cherry Blossom Festival to benefit aging bald men with gambling problems. Sounds good to me! Sign me up!

Tomorrow, I'm spending the day at the state capital. I will sit in on different sessions and committee meetings. I get to tour the capital and lunch with legislators. I'm very excited!

Of course, if I see Senator Allard, I'll have to bite my thumb at him. I can't believe he is the sponsor of the Federal Marriage Resolution. How embarrassing for Colorado! Like our legislators have nothing better to do than persecute law-abiding homosexual citizens! By the way, did I tell you my friend Brandon is a gay ninja? How cool is that!

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