Tuesday, March 09, 2004

So, I got my friend Greg who is a cartoonist to make a Post-It for me for my work computer. He drew a frowny-faced cherub shaking a finger at me as if to say, "No no! Don't lose your temper!" I am reminded of the Christian musical I loved as a child called "Music Machine." It focused on the Fruits of the Spirit. Well, I could definitely listen to the songs on "Patience" and "Self-Control" right now. I have an image in my mind of the kind of person I want to be. There is this good-looking African-American guy who works at the Chipotle on Monaco. Every time I go in there he is humming a tune, laughing and smiling. He seems genuinely happy to work there and I always feel like he's happy to see me. His pleasant smiling face usually makes me feel really good when I leave there. I want to be that happy smiling person people look forward to seeing at the library. Not some crazy bitch screaming about fines. I'm working on it.

I had the worst New Year's Eve of my life this year and I vowed I would never plan another event again. Well, I broke down and hosted an Oscar party. It actually went pretty well. I had a lot more control over that than I did on New Year's Eve. Few things give me greater pleasure than filling my house with friends. I feel glad to have a nice house to entertain in. And I love seeing my friends getting to know each other better and having fun together. Pretty much everyone I invited came: Greg and Sara, Amy and Greg, Andy and Amy, Erica and Mark, Anna and Michel, and Gary and Erin. And Marc. Chucky was out of town and Brian had the blues so they didn't come. And my ever-absent boyfriend came for about an hour before he bowed out. But everyone else stayed a long time. I had everyone dress up and walk the red carpet. I videotaped it, had Chinese food in honor of the Chinese theater in L.A. and gave out prizes. I pretty much stayed on the sidelines but I enjoyed watching my friends all together in one room. It gave me warm fuzzies. Andy and Amy were victorious in the Oscar predictions. No surprise there. I think Andy's head is full of trivia. I was glad when it was all over though. It is hard to coordinate those parties and I'm always stressed about whether it went well or not. But I hope everyone had a good time.

I'm not organizing Easter this year though. No way. Uh uh.

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