Wednesday, March 24, 2004

So, have you ever had to offer a disclaimer about one of your friends? I have. When I am introducing two friends who have never met before, I tend to make small disclaimers about them. Mostly because I know some of their little foibles that might not go over well with others and I want to warn people so they don't misunderstand. It's not because I'm embarrassed. I just don't want anyone to get the wrong impression. I want everyone to be friends and get along.

My friend C.B. recently had some friends coming in from out of town. She warned me ahead of time that one of them might come off as unfriendly. After meeting the woman, I could see how people would get that impression. But it got me thinking about what disclaimer my friends might give about me.

Here are some thoughts I had:
Amy can jokingly say things that might unintentionally hurt your feelings
Amy can be a real loudmouth
Amy can sometimes be overly shy and might come off as quiet or rude
Amy gets overly excited about politics
Amy has a quick temper
Amy is quite sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily
Amy sometimes has to be the center of attention
Amy can be clingy

Not all things I'm proud of (or that I even believe are true about me) but things I'm sure my friends warn other people about. Isn't it weird to have disclaimers for people? It's almost like a rating system.

Amy M. --- Rated R for foul language and violent temper

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