Thursday, March 25, 2004

So, do you have any actors that you are passionate about? The kind of actor that when you see them in a preview, you know you have to see that film? My three favorite actors are Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen and Angelina Jolie.

Right now, I'm about halfway through Angelina Jolie's recent movie "Beyond Borders." So far, I really like it. It's a great reality check movie. You can see why Angelina is so passionate about refugees and relief work. But it also makes you feel helpless. You wonder what is actually in your power to do to help. In the movie, Angelina's character brings about $60,000 (of her own money) worth of food to a camp in Ethiopia. She is crushed to discover the food will only last a few days. We even have people who are hungry and without shelter in our own countyr. It's frustrating. I wonder if we can ever find a solution. Maybe someday, I can travel somewhere to help.

I am off to Texas now for the weekend so I won't be blogging but I'll catch you up when I get back. Have a good weekend!

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