Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today, I am going to make a plea for my favorite show on television, "Arrested Development." I love this show! The writing is funny and moves so fast that you can watch an episode over and over again and still find new things to laugh about. I can't believe more people aren't watching this show! As with many great shows, you kind of have to watch it from the beginning to truly "get it." I know most libraries and Netflix carry the series so go check it out! Immediately!

I'd also like to give a shout out to another great show, "Lost." I just started getting into this show. My mom told me all last year how great it was but I was too wrapped up in "Desperate Housewives." And I'm telling you now that "lost is a far superior show. It's kind of like "Castaway" meets "Island of Dr. Moreau" meets "Jacob's Ladder." I'm only halfway through the first season but I'm loving it!

Spoiler alert: My friend Greg thinks all the people on "Lost" are dead. That is why the wheelchair guy can walk now. He says the show is based on a novel called "The Third Policeman." I just bought that books so we'll see...


Anonymous said...

I have also just gotten into watching "Lost" and really enjoy it! I need to watch the first season at some point to catch up, but have watched all the episodes for this season so far. Big Johnson's analysis is one I will have to consider ;)
If you feel like watching more supernatural thrillers, I really like "Medium" and have been watching that show since it started - really interesting plots!
Thanks again for recommeding the show "House" - Greg and really like that one.

Malady said...

Yeah, "House" is great. I always hated ER because I felt it was emotionally manipulative but "House" is so great. It's good for nerdy people.

Genevieve said...

I love Arrested Development. Hilarious. Lost is great too... I have heard the theory that they are all dead. I'm not sure if I buy it yet but we'll see. I've also heard that they change things a lot (the writers/producers) if they think too much is leaked out on the internet.

House is good too but sometimes it makes me a little squeamish! I don't like actual blood/body parts to be shown.

Ellen said...

I heard that Arrested is signed on for at least two more seasons. I think that this season is the funniest so far, and I've been watching since day one.

I don't think they are dead. I think that's too obvious, like purgatory or whatever.