Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grouchy Ladybug

Have you ever had one of those days when you are feeling grouchy for no good reason? Well, I am having one of those days. When I have a day like this, I call myself a "grouchy ladybug." If you have ever read the Eric Carle book of the same name, you will know what I'm talking about it. You just want to rebuff all friendly overtures and you feel really punky and up for a fight. It's raining again. And normally, I love the rain. I think that Garbage song "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" was written for me. But one of the best parts of a rainy day is being curled up in bed or in my big comfy chair with some tea or hot chocolate and a book. NOT stuck in front of a computer in a cold office. Grrr....
Hey you....ya wanna fight?
(by the way, I am thrilled to have "Lost" back and I found the Juliet backstory very interesting. I am very ready to move on from the whole Sawyer/Kate/Jack storyline. Boring. I miss Mr. Eko! Also, I'm going out with a friend tonight to see "Notes on a Scandal" to continue my Oscar viewing preparations. I'll let you know how it is.)


Genevieve said...

You know, I have been super confused by Lost this season. i even watched that silly recap show that was on before Lost to try & catch up, but mostly it was a recap of the first season!

Jasclo said...

Ha! Please, I'm grouchy a lot and most of the time it's for no reason!

I want to see that movie too.

Malady said...

Thanks, Jasclo. That makes me feel like less of a big ol' baby.

Vieve--I have found that if I miss one episode of LOST, I get really confused. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer. I'll do my best.