Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red Letter Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Yes, I know that Valentine's is a "Hallmark" holiday. But I have always used the day to remind myself to tell the people in my life that I love them. I even sent out valentines this year.

As you already know, I gave Gary a piece of lunar real estate for Valentine's Day. (yes, it's true, I literally gave him the moon) He bought me a really cool piece of Mexican folk art a few years back and I agreed that he wouldn't need to give me a Valentine's gift for the next couple of years in exchange. So, I wasn't expecting anything.

When I was leaving for work this morning, I saw a box sticking out of my bag. Gary left a note saying that Sting had come to him in a dream and said that Gary HAD to get me something for Valentine's Day. (that Sting is such a romantic!) I opened the box to find a beautiful Bulova watch. It's so delicate and sweet! It will not be an everyday watch. It's too special. But I'm going to wear it all day today. And I'll think of my honey when I check the time.

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