Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This and That

1) I had a weird dream last night that someone broke into my house and tried to steal my books. In my dream, I couldn't wake Gary up so I went into the library and confronted the would-be thief with a baseball bat. Hey, nobody messes with my books, okay?

2) I have finished two knitting projects! One is a birthday present for my buddy Gary L. and one is for me! I can't show them now because I just mailed Gary's present and I want it to be a surprise. Once he gets his gift, I'll post them.

3) My nemesis did not show up in the breakroom yesterday. Stay tuned...

4) "LOST" returns tonight! Whoopee!

5) I was thrilled and excited to hear that my long-time buddy B.R. is marrying his boyfriend in August. Gary and I are invited to the shindig and I can't wait. It could not happen to a nicer or sweeter pair of guys.

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