Tuesday, February 13, 2007

An Unlikely American Hero

I am going to express an opinion today that I can almost guarantee will be unpopular among the majority of Americans.

One of my heroes is Jimmy Carter. I think he is a truly great man. His talents were wasted on the Presidency. Carter was never able to figure out Washington politics. It just wasn't the way he did things. But he has managed to gave the greatest and most fruitful ex-Presidency ever. The man is beyond intelligent. And I love the fact that he represents what a liberal Christian should be. He doesn't parade his faith around for political reasons like *some people.* (I'll give you a hint....he's a fake Texan in a big political position) Carter actually lives his faith. And instead of creating the standard Presidential library and hitting the speaker's circuit, he chose to create a Center for Peace and has become one of our greatest diplomats. I have heard it said that Americans will be stunned to see the outpouring that comes from the rest of the world when Carter passes away. It seems he is more valued and respected outside of his country than in it.

If you really want to appreciate Carter, I highly suggest the biography THE UNFINISHED PRESIDENCY by Douglas Brinkley. It chronicles the things that Carter has done since leaving office. Also, if you want to see how someone effectively navigates the waters of religion and politics in a truly moral way, check out Carter's book OUR ENDANGERED VALUES.

I wish all our Presidents could give back as much.

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