Saturday, April 03, 2004

So, I'm back from Amy's "Back to my Roots" tour of Texas. I hadn't realized how much I really miss Texas. When I stepped off the plane in Austin, I heard country music playing and the smell of barbecue filled the air. I nearly wept. I have never associated Texas with cowboys, horses, boots and country music. To me, that was always a crazy stereotype made up by Yankees. I just never saw that growing up. But I guess those things are a part of Texas.

My mom's new place looks great. It's really coming along. I had a chance to meet my "aunt's" new kids. A pair of adorable African-American children she adopted last year. One 9-yr-old girl and a nearly 11-yr-old boy. I hope they can come visit me in Colorado. Mom took me to a very funny current events revue called "Esther's Follies." If you are ever in Austin, check them out! After the show, we went next door to the Velveeta Room for a little comedy. It was awful! Don't ever go there. We actually got harassed by one of the comics whose humor was beyond offensive. The next day we headed to San Antonio and ended up getting in the middle of the world premiere of the "Alamo" movie. Dennis Quaid was about four feet away from us. And we saw scruffy old Billy Bob Thornton. I still can't believe he gave up Angelina! We had lots of Mexican food and even had time to see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I liked it but Mom thought it was too weird. I thought it was pretty predictable but creative.

I have wisdom to share with you from my trip. On Friday, I paid for lunch at a restaurant with my debit card. I didn't notice until Sunday that the restaurant had given me someone else's debit card instead of mine. They both looked exactly the same. Luckily, the other guy hadn't used mine. I cancelled it in time. But it took me that long to notice. Always make sure that businesses give you back YOUR card and not someone else's.

While in Texas, I stocked up on items that brought me back to my roots. A new pair of brown cowboy boots. A beautiful embroidered Western shirt. Some jalapeno jelly and special salsa. Things that will keep me in touch with Texas.

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