Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I just want to clarify something. I do NOT feel my life is empty without a partner. I see my life as this really cool puzzle. The kind you only find at specialty puzzle stores. The more I fit the pieces together, the happier I am with the end result. It isn't always easy to get it to fit together right. And sometimes, I worry that I have too MANY pieces. But it seems to be coming out all right. And most of the time, I'm quite proud of my puzzle. I like the challenges and intricacies of it. Even though it may frustrate and confuse me at times and give me a headache. To the point that I just want to knock it across the room. But mostly, I enjoy it and I'm proud of it. I may get to the end of it and there will be one small missing piece to mar the overall picture. That missing piece may be a partner. Or it may be the perfect job. Or something else. But that doesn't necessarily take away from the rest of the image. I'd just like to have a complete puzzle. You know what I mean? It just looks better. But I'm still pretty comfortable with how my puzzle is turning out. I have some terrific friends in the picture as well as a great home and family and pet and car and interests/hobbies. Lots of great pieces in my puzzle. How's that for a metaphor? Simile?

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