Thursday, April 29, 2004

So, I was reading over some of my blogs and sometimes I come off as really juvenile and immature. Which is pretty sad for someone who sees 30 coming up the road in the not too distant future. I was utterly amazed when my friends starting getting married because I feel too young to be doing something like that. And when they start having babies, I think I'm really going to lose it.

So, forgive me if I come off more as someone acting her shoe size than her age. I hope I come off as more mature in person.

Greg reminded me today of the word I made up a few years ago. I think I was probably about 22 or 23. I got really drunk off of dirty martinis. I had never been that drunk before so it was definitely new for me. I eventually blacked out or something because the next thing I knew my boyfriend (now ex-) was leaning over me talking to me. I took his face in my hands and tried to talk to him but strange words were coming out of my mouth. It made me giggle because I couldn't make myself understood. He carried me to bed and tucked me in and I told him he was being a very good "sevenger." Erik always assumed that I was smarter than he was so he just figured that was a word he didn't know. I knew in my drunken stupor that that wasn't the word I was trying to say but I couldn't get out the appropriate word. Erik finally gave up trying to figure it out and wrote down the word to ask me what it meant the next day. Of course, there is no word "sevenger." I made it up. We decided that it would mean someone who takes care of you when you are drunk or otherwise incapacitated. Not just a designated driver but also someone who puts you to bed, gives you water and aspirin, takes out your contacts etc. For awhile, my friends decided to try and get "sevenger" in the dictionary. But I think we will have to settle for using it within our group. So, when appropriate, try to incorporate the word "Sevenger" into your vocabulary.

Wow. I started this blog talking about how immature I sound and look what I ended up talking about. I'm not really raising the level, am I?

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