Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I love Easter. I really do. Especially when there is beautiful spring weather outside. Easter for me is definitely a time of renewal and rebirth. If I have done things right, I will have spent some quality time with God throughout Lent. And then I get to really celebrate in church on Easter Sunday. This is very un-Christianlike of me but I get so irritated when I can't get into my own sanctuary on Easter Sunday. All these people you never see throughout the church year suddenly show up. My pastor calls them "C and E Christians." (Christmas and Easter) It's nice that these people come to church on Easter but I hate it that I go year-round and then can't get inside on Easter. Maybe they should have reserved seating for those of us who go year round. That would be a nice perk for all those Sundays I spent teaching.

Growing up, my parents always made Easter special. I remember having baskets full of Easter books and small toys. And going on Easter egg hunts. And dressing up in a new Easter dress for church. One year, my aunt even made hundreds of egg people, each with a distinct personality. I loved those egg people! I acted out involved stories with them. And then my friend Ellen just reminded me of an Easter I spent with her and my parents having brunch at the beautiful Hyatt Hill Country during college. That was such a great day! The past few years, I have organized an Easter picnic in the park with friends. We've potlucked it and then played volleyball and badminton and even flew kites. It has been a fun event but this year I'm still so bummed by New Year's that I'm not planning anything. I hope Easter won't be a bust this year because I really look forward to it. But in my experience, if I don't plan something myself, nothing will happen.

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